Productivity – Best at home?

The pandemic has changed the way we work and operate, that is clear.

What once were endless coffee breaks have now turned into even longer breaks for tea, food, or even water for most people.

It is very difficult to compare working from your office vis-à-vis working from the confines of your house. Primarily because working from home doesn’t really feel like you’re really putting in a lot of work. 

That may not be true, however, several people have remarked that they work a lot more at home, a lot more stressfully, since there is no “off switch”, so to speak. They have, however, also said that what used to take an hour in office generally takes twice the time at home, but what makes productivity differ?

In office, you are able to focus on the task at hand completely. No distractions, no other responsibilities. Just you, and your computer device. Of course, that may be affected by the odd conversations with your colleagues when you take a break to stretch your legs.

At home, the story is a little different. A host of sounds permeating the air, noises that you thought you’d left behind during your school life make a comeback, your family calls you to reach that jar of pickle that they can’t. You’re never completely focussed. That’s why it takes far more time to actually have the same amount of output at home.

Here’s where Kaarobaar comes into the picture.An efficient, cost-effective co-working space that makes you feel you’re in office without the cons of actually being in office, Kaarobaar is the solution to all the productivity issues you may have had whilst working from home. 

So while your offices may be shut for time being, ensure your productivity levels don’t drop with Kaarobaar!

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