Consider this: You have a brilliant, idea, something that will revolutionize your field if implemented. There is just one stumbling block; you don’t know whom to pitch it to.

We’ve seen this happen so often. Take films, for instance. A fantastic script is probably written every day, but the writer doesn’t know what to do with it. Most of the time, the script is pitched to someone completely unsuited to producing that genre of cinema. The by-product of this hotchpotch is a substandard film with an extremely strong storyline.

What is the missing link? The special ingredient that gives you a pedestal to take you closer to success? One simple word; Networking.

Let’s consider Cambridge Dictionary’s definition of the word: “The activity of meeting people who might be useful to know, especially in your job.”

Now consider the examples given above. It would be easier for the people involved if they knew someone who could direct them towards where they would need to go, showing them the way.

To make things clearer, a strong network that has been cultivated with care might open doors for you that would not otherwise be available. Proper networking would give you access to industry trends, tactical insight, as well as personnel movement within your chosen industry that would not be available in the public domain.

Here is where Kaarobaar comes into the picture. An efficient, cost-effective co-working space that enables you to meet and mingle with the best of industry professionals from a wide array of fields. Kaarobaar is the networking hub for someone looking to expand their networks beyond their own industry. While virtual networking may be easier, doing it in person always means more. So look no further, Kaarobaar is here to host your quest to broaden your networking horizons!

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