Environment & Productivity!

Picture this: You are in office, sitting at your desk with your computer in front of you, working on a new project (or the one you just can’t seem to finish).

Then picture yourself doing the same thing, except this time, you’re working from the confines of your own house. Now compare the two.

Surprisingly, it has been observed that you spend a significantly higher amount of time working on a project if you are working from home rather than if you were to work from your office.

In office, you are able to focus on the task at hand completely. No distractions, no other responsibilities. Just you, and your computer device. Of course, that may be affected by the odd conversations with your colleagues when you take a break to stretch your legs.

At home, the story is a little different. A host of sounds permeating the air, noises that you thought you’d left behind during your school life make a comeback, your family calls you to reach that jar of pickle that they can’t. You’re never completely focussed. That’s why it takes far more time to actually have the same amount of output at home.

The inference here is that there is a direct correlation between environment and output, with offices being better for productivity than homes. However, you’re without an office space until further notice, so what do you do?

Here’s where Kaarobaar steps in. An efficient, cost-effective co-working space that makes you feel you’re in office without the cons of actually being in office, Kaarobaar is the solution to all the productivity issues you may have had whilst working from home. 

So while your offices may be shut for time being, ensure your productivity levels don’t drop with Kaarobaar!

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