Work Culture in Aurangabad

With the advent and expansion of globalisation, the average person in the country has been able to work for a company based out of a completely different country. For instance, someone sitting in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, could work for a company like Apple, or Microsoft.

Naturally, with companies of that size and reputation entering the market, they introduce and pitch a fresh work culture, which has a cascading effect on other companies. Slowly, this culture moves outside the immediate sphere of influence the company actually has.

It is generally observed that fresh work cultures generally take seed in Tier I cities before spreading their influence outwards.

In simple terms, work culture can be described as the working environment an employer makes for their employees. This includes attitude, values, flexibility, etc. They are essentially unsaid and unspoken rules followed by every employee.

Now, consider a Tier II city like Aurangabad, the city that organisations would look towards to recreate the work culture is Mumbai. While Mumbai is certainly an aspiration for millions, it is also called the city that never sleeps, and for good reason.

Slowly, the work culture in Aurangabad has started to mimic Mumbai’s work culture. While this does wonders for productivity in the short term, it may not be completely suitable for Aurangabad.

The new work culture may or may not suit the people in Aurangabad, but that should not be the cause of worry. Kaarobaar, a cost-efficient co-working space gives you the option of experience a host of work cultures across all fields and makes you feel you’re in office without the cons of actually being in office.

Kaarobaar is the way forward to embrace new work cultures, without experiencing their cons!

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